Trust Deed Investment Strategies

trust deed informationThe key element of all smart investment strategies is diversity that is why trust deed investing is a good choice. Trust deed investments are investments in real estate secured loans. Such investments are successful through merging dependable real estate borrowers with investors in search of incrimination of capital through collateralized turn-key real estate. The advantage of trust deed investments is that it provides diversity for you investment far beyond abilities of stocks and bonds. If you are searching for an alternative investment opportunity and are on a verge of considering trust deed investments, please read through the following facts:

The Advantages Of Investing In Trust Deeds With Your IRA

Trust Deed Investing is a good opportunity to multiply your capital secured by the most palpable asset, real estate. It is possible to invest in trust deeds with your retirement account, which consists of Self Directed IRA. IRA investments could be secured by commercial, residential real estate or properties that are being restored or remodeled before reselling. Trust deeds offer a decent annual return of 8%-11% for First Trust Deeds and 9%-14% return for Second Trust Deeds annually. Our team will work with your custodian and help make your investment experience easy and less confusing.

What Can You Expect From Investing In Trust Deeds With Your 401(k)

Unlike with Self Directed IRA the Self Directed 401(k) the existence of a custodian is not required, thus, it frees the client from excessive paperwork and eliminates the need for permission. Once you have established your Self Directed 401(k) plan, our team will help you to transfer qualified funds to a new plan. In this situation you are acting as a trustee and make all the decisions. When you are ready to invest with your 401(k), the funds are transferred in a way of a personal check to the title company, which, in turn, puts the name of your 401(k) in the title of the property.

Lower Risk Factors

Investing into real estate has shown to be rather stable due to its independence from stock market. Trust deeds investments are secured by the real estate. Should the borrower fail to pay off the loan, the investor will retain the property. Besides, our underwriting team always monitors possible risks by using BPOs, loan to value ratios and appraisals assessing all projects. Furthermore, Trust Deeds Investments provide high returns, which are very attractive to investors, due to its similarity with other forms of investments that pay off at maturity, such as fixed yield bonds.


As mentioned before, the key element of a good investment portfolio is diversity. In other words, dividing your investments between trust deeds, fixed income and equities is considered smart strategy and real estate has shown to be the most diverse investment sector. Such strategy would help you control the influence of economical, political and societal changes on your finances.

Shorter Maturity Terms

Having your money be tied down to a long term investment contract may not be convenient for you, thus, investing in trust deeds might be more suitable. Trust deeds investments are considered as short term and generally pay off between 6 and 24 month. Once your investment has paid off, you are free to move your money into a next project or elsewhere.

Higher earning potential then bonds

Trust deeds are considered as small investments and generally do not interest large investors, like corporations and government. Furthermore, trust deeds do not provide instant liquidity, which make them more exclusive, because trust deeds are bound to a completion of a specific real estate project. Thus, trust deeds are concentrated in hands of individual investors for the most part who, with a professional guidance, can asses possible risks and value of expected return and high profit from annual returns. Trust deeds investments are available for everyone.

Exclusive Opportunities For Foreign Investors

As mentioned before, trust deeds generally pay off within 6 to 24 months, which can be beneficial for foreign investors. Being secured by an actual real estate adds confidence for overseas investors. Recently, trust deeds investments became highly popular among foreigners.

In conclusion, trust deeds are a great short term investment that is guaranteed to pay off between 6 and 24 months. Moreover, the returns from such an investment are rather sizable. Our company offers collateralized investments secured by real estate, which makes deciding to invest with us a smart choice that can help significantly multiply your capital. Our company provides a reliable annual return of 8.5% with possible additional annual dividends of 2-4%, giving you a total of over 10% return.

The market, these days, provides a strong demand from borrowers looking to purchase a property. Our team has a possibility to hand pick our potential borrowers through maintaining a close relationship with real estate brokers. Through the years, our company has managed to build a network of borrowers and investors, brokers and agents, which helped us to thrive in business of trust deeds. We have a strong belief in providing exceptional customer service to all our borrowers and investors to insure their peace of mind.

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