Kevin Tenin

V.P. of Business Development

Kevin is the youngest member of the LBC Capital Executive Team and is exploring new deals to develop business strategies and keep up with an evolving technological landscape. With years of experience in originations, post closing, loan servicing, and sale of existing notes, Kevin can find a creative solution to any problem. Coupled with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication from the University of California, Santa Barbara, Kevin is a skilled liaison between investors and brokers, investors and borrowers, and anyone else involved in the transaction. Even once a transaction has closed, Kevin has the expertise and ability to identify attractive assets and sell off preforming notes to other seasoned real estate investors. As the V.P. of Business Development, Kevin is responsible for new business practices and to keep a good relationship between past and future clients. The dedication to the process that Kevin exhibits helps put borrowers, investors and brokers all at ease knowing their transaction is in good hands.