Foreign Investors

foreign investmentEver since we have opened LBC Capital Income Fund, LLC we have been observing a high level of interest from foreign investors. This is due to the fact that we offer collateralized investment strategies with a steady significant annual return of 8.5% plus possible 2-4% of annual dividends making a total of over 10% of annual return, which is noticeably higher than the majority of other investment options. Our secured investment plans suite perfectly our foreign investors, because they are short term for the most part and are guaranteed to make a return within six to twenty four months.

We pride ourselves on providing a positive secure investment experience to all our investors regardless of being domestic or foreign investors. Here at LBC Capital Income Fund, LLC we have the most experienced stuff of diligent and hard working professionals, whose credentials and knowledge have been verified by the firm’s founders. Our team of professionals originates, underwrites and funds high-yielding, low loan-to-value mortgage loans. We meticulously analyze each investment opportunity in order to asset all possible risks.

We Have Huge Real Estate Network

Through our network of real estate broker, realtors and mortgage brokers LBC Capital Income Fund, LLC is able to provide a strong demand from borrowers, who are trapped in today’s difficult lending market. The ability to work in-house through the entire process from start to finish, beginning with approving the borrower and approving a property and finishing with investment contract and releasing funds, provides us with complete control over the lending process and helps us ensure the security of investments we make.

We strongly believe in providing peace of mind to all our investors and making their investment experience as easy and as positive as possible. In order to ensure that we have established three golden rules, which we follow religiously:

  • Accessibility: Our team is always available either via email or phone numbers listed on the contact page. We understand that our foreign investors are in a different time zone and sometime find it hard to contact our office during our office hours, which is why we encourage all our foreign investors to contact us via email, because we have access to it after hours and will strive to respond right away. We will work around your schedule and time difference to set up a privet phone consultation with our leading fund manager – Boris Dorfman, who will go over all investing opportunities and benefits of investing with us.
  • Transparency: We are confident in the effectiveness of our trust deed investments that is why we publish actual investors’ portfolios. Our team strongly believes that this transparency will help build trusting relationships with our clients. Besides publishing every landing opportunity that our fund will invest in, we are also being constantly audited by an independent CPA firm.
  • Dependability: LBC Capital Income Fund, LLC offers low risk investments opportunities with high returns. We hand pick our risk assessors and are confident in their professionalism. We ensure return on investment of 8.5% and do not earn any income before our investors receive their returns. Additionally, after we earn our small management fee, we share all surplus income with our investors.

Here at LBC Capital Income Fund, LLC we understand the unease a foreign investor may be experiencing, after all, you are entrusting us with your hard earned money. There always is a certain level of confusion and anxiety due to difference in financial processes. Not to worry, our specially trained team is committed to making sure you understand the investment process entirely and completely from start to finish. Our stuff attorneys are available for a consultation and will help to put your mind at ease. Go back to homepage.