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Yes, LBC Capital Income Fund, LLC is being constantly audited by Spiegel Accountancy. Spiegel Accountancy is an independent CPA firm with years of experience in the field representing clients.

Yes. LBC Capital Income Fund, LLC is being serviced by nation’s leading private money sub-service the FCI Lender Services.

Absolutely. Here are just a few reasons why you should:

– Stable and sizable return
– Diversification of your portfolio
– Lower risk

LBC Capital Income Fund, LLC provides 8-10% of annual return after retaining a small servicing fee.

We currently charge from 9 to 10% not including an origination fee of 1 to 3% for shorter term loans of 6 to 18 months.

The loan-to-loan value is up to 65%

Only through self-directed IRA accounts. If your IRA account is not self-directed, but you still wish to invest we will be happy to refer you to a custodian.

LBC Capital Income Fund, LLC insures its investments. The company is listed as an “additional insured party” for the period of the loan, so, for instance, if a fire destroys the property the LBC will receive its original investment.

If a borrower fails to make payments or live up to other conditions of the deed of trust a default occurs. If a borrower defaults, LBC requests FCI Lender Services, Inc, a loan service, to file a notice of default, which starts a process of preparation for foreclosure sale. All together, a process takes about 4 month from the moment the default notice is filed.

Yes. LBC Calital has recently began to selectively lend in other States.

Yes, we are currently seeking private investors with $25,000 as a minimum. The investor must be accredited.

The dividends are paid monthly.

Absolutely! Distribution reinvestment is always an option.

We pool funds from different investors together, which gives us an opportunity to invest in variety of projects.