About LBC Capital Fund

foreign investorsHere at LBC Capital Income Funds, LLC we strongly recommend to each potential investor to thoroughly research each and any company they are about to entrust with their money.

We emphasize the necessity of building strong trusting relationship between the investor and the fund, which would provide a positive investing experience and a peace of mind to investors. With that said, let us introduce you to our company and tell you our story.

Before LBC Capital Income Funds, LLC became a leading provider of Californian real estate service and loan delivery, it was a small business owned by three friends, who dared to dream big. We started off as small firm providing residential mortgages, concentrating on hard money loans.

Our diligence, honesty and hard work helped us to create a great reputation for our company. As the time went by, we built a solid book of business that started with friends and family and grew by word of mouth which allowed us to rise above competition.

Our California trust deed investing team is determined to provide high risk adjusted return to our clients. Our professional underwriting department only invests with minimal downside projection. We focus on protecting interests of our investors and receive our management fee only after our clients make their targeted returns.

LBC Capital Income Fund, LLC provides short term interim and bridge financing investments in commercial and residential properties throughout California. LBC Capital Income Fund, LLC creates, acquires, underwrites, services and sells privately funded first and second trust deeds. We originate and fund high-yielding, low loan-to-value mortgage loans, which offer reasonably balanced risk and reward. Our highly experienced stuff prides itself on diligently analyzing and conducting real estate projects.

LBC Capital Income Fund, LLC strives to provide safe collateralized option of investing in deeds. We make sure our fund can generate substantial returns for our investors, which makes our fund a smart investing choice. Our fund provides stable annual preferred return of 8.5% plus possible 2-4% of annual dividends, while making sure your investment is always protected by quality property and a qualified and professionally verified borrower.

We constantly concentrate on providing best possible service to our investors:

  • Diverse Professional Assistance: LBC Capital Income Fund, LLC cooperate with wide variety of professionals including escrow specialists, loan processors, underwriters, real estate agents and etc. Our on stuff attorneys specialize on credit repair services and are always ready to consult our most valued clients.
  • Exceptional Customer Service: At LBC Capital Income Fund, LLC we understand the necessity of being always available for our clients, we are determined to provide peace of mind to all our clients. We constantly work on diversifying list of our lenders in order to continue providing the lowest interest rates to our borrowers.
  • Dependable Stuff: We set high standards for our company and strive to hire only highly qualified professionals to ensure high level of customer satisfaction.

Here at LBC Capital Income Fund, LLC we strongly believe in transparency, accessibility and dependability. We are confident in effectiveness of our trust deeds investments, thus, we publish portfolios of our actual investors to illustrate the level of comfort in our relationships with investors. Such transparency is rather rare in hard money lending industry. Our company, however, will publish all lending opportunities that we invest in. Additionally, our fund is being constantly audited by an independent CPA firm.

Our team is always available via email or phone, which can be found on our contact page. A copy of the investor’s portfolio is always available for review to help you achieve sensible profit while keeping your risks low. A privet consultation with our fund manager Boris Dorfman, who will go over all benefits of investing with us, is available upon request.

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We will stand by your side to ensure you will not have to take unnecessary risks. Our investors can fully depend on us when it comes to risk assessing and providing significant returns on your investments. We do not earn any income until you receive your ROI of 8.5%, moreover, we will split all additional profits with you after we retain a small management fee. You can find more in-depth information on our Trust Deed Blog.

With all that said, we guaranty it would be difficult to find a company as diligent, dedicated and loyal as LBC Capital Income Fund, LLC. LBC Capital strongly advises potential investors and borrowers to research any company they are about to entrust their capital with, including ourselves. We pride ourselves in our reputation and let our ratings and reviews speak for themselves. We guaranty that we will maintain our relationship and mentality of a small business while we continue to grow.